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Re: [APD] plant weights

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>>> >>lol, yes youi are right.  maybe I should take the advice from another
> thread and proof read before a quick post...  they are zinc. <<
> Not if the  plants are from Florida Aquatic Nurseries.  They are lead, plain 
> and simple.. President of the company told me himself. In fact I bought some 
> lead strips from the manufacturer that makes them for Florida Aquatic. 
> Imported bunch plants are all lead too.There is a much simpler test. Take a 
> lead strip and a piece of paper. You will be able to write  with it just 
> like a pencil or a piece of charcole. It will also make your hands black. 
> The older they are, the more they degrade or rub off.
> Robert Hudson
I have never seen a zinc plant weight. All I have ever seen are lead. 
Zinc is not really soft and malleable, like lead.

Lead is harmless and pretty insoluble at neutral or alkaline pH. As pH 
drops, it becomes more reactive and is etched to release deadly 
heavy-metal compounds into the tank.

Unfortunately, we cannot always catch an incipient pH crash in time, so 
the dirty work can happen while we sleep.

My solution is very simple. I may buy plants with lead anchors, but I 
remove them when planting the tank. I let the gravel/sand hold the 
roots/stems. YMMV.


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