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Re: [APD] plant weights

At 03:43 PM 9/5/07 -0400, you wrote:
>>Stainless steel nuts and bolts can work to weigh down some roots if you 
>>really need weights and don't want to add more lead to the environment.
>I got a real laugh out of the many stories related to H2, especially the 
>weather balloon part Liz. Thanks all. I can't forget the IQ test Jerry.
>Scott- Why not use plain steel washers and nuts. When they rust, they will 
>add iron to the substrate. I think I remember someone doing that before.

I'll put washers and steel wool in manure under 4-5 inches of fine beach sand
but I wouldn't put a bilt in a tank. Or a stainless one if I oculd use something
else. There's no such thing as a stainless anything that won't rust, it's just
a matter of how quickly.


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