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Re: [APD] iron test kits

One school of thought is that they are all pretty much useless for aquatic gardening purposes. The amount of iron needed is so small and  few but very expensive testers have fine enough resolution to measure that small, that they are basically yes or no tests. And yes or no, you can tell from your plants.
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Subject: [APD] iron test kits

Hi everyone,
If anyone has some experience to post regarding the accuracy/ease of use of specific brands of iron test kits, I would appreciate it.

Tank is a 265 gallon, 3 x 250 watt MH (6500K Iwasaki/Icecap ballast), CO2 injection, Tom Barr EI dosing. 

I am using a Sera Iron test kit now, but will need to refill/replace it soon, and was wondering if there were any favorites out there?
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