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Re: [APD] lead strips

>>I think most of the strip style weights on plants in stores are lead
free.  I believe they are magnesium.<<

Nope. Not the case. Florida Aquatic Nurseries uses lead strips, and since 
90% of the plants sold in the USA come from FAN, I think its a pretty good 
chance it's lead. The fear of using lead strips in aquariums is way over 
blown in my opinion, but there are alternatives.  There is something called 
Plant Anchors, which is a soft, flexible plastic disk with X shaped slits in 
the center. You push the stems through the slits. It holds the plant firmly 
without damaging it. You bury it in your substrate about an inch deep and wa 
la... you are all set. The stems are securely held in place without 
resticting growth  and no worries about lead poisoning. They are pretty 
inexpensive. I have big box full of them and I keep forgetting to put them 
on my WEB site.

Robert Hudson

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