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Re: [APD] Disappearing (??) Algae Eating Shrimp

Probably hiding if there are enough plants. Cichlids will eat them for 
sure, especially when they're small. It all depends with other fish. I 
doubt your CL would bother them. My full grown shrimp can defend for 
themselves, even in a tank of cichlids and enough plant coverage. You 
don't know how many times a shrimp has been found on the floor next to 
my tanks. They crawl out using the CO2 tubing or some other means. I try 
to keep the top shrimp-proof, but they still manage to get out. Nothing 
worse than a dried Amano...

>Last weekend I put 5 very small AES in my tank.  A day later, I couldn't see
>any of them.  Now I do know they're very good at disappearing, and these
>guys are very hard to see since they're so small.  I do see one of them in
>the middle at the base of one of my crypts, and it seems to be munching and
>munching away, probably on little teeny bits of dead plant matter down
>there.  I don't see the other 4.
>I'm wondering if any of my fish could have made a snack of them.  Would
>clown loaches, for example, be able to eat an AES?  I guess if they can eat
>snails, they can eat these, but I don't know.

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