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Re: [APD] something wrong?


        IMHO, as a tank ages the dynamics change. Lights get weaker
due to aging, available nutrients per plant decrease due to growth of 
plants. Light availability to individual plants change as the larger ones
crowd out the smaller ones. You have to look at these issues and


At 02-09-07, you wrote:
>Hey folks,
>I think that over the past few months my tank has been degenerating.   
>No difference in my technique, but longer summer days and perhaps  
>warmer water temperatures.  tank is dosed with KNO3, KH2PO4 and  
>Mg2SO4 (as per Tom Barr's instructions (he lives in town and came  
>over once to help me identify plants and help with a brand new set  
>up.)  I change 20 gallons each week with a mix of Davis tap water and  
>"H2O to go" distilled.  Davis water is really hard.
>I'm wondering if the plants don't look as good as I want because they  
>need something else?  The substrate is sand, dirt and gravel, same as  
>from set up.  I don't know if it's a coincidence that my duck weed is  
>all gone, it seemed to die off a couple months ago. (we let it grow  
>in the tank and then fish it out and feed it to the goldfish outside  
>in a pond.)

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