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Re: [APD] hydrogen peroxide dosage

Jerry Baker wrote:
> Even if your solvent was mercury, 60g of peroxide per liter would still 
> be referred to as a 6% solution even though by weight it would be 
> something like a 0.4% solution.

Well, depending on who you ask I should add. Using solute mass over 
solvent volume is not exactly my understanding of how it works. In the 
case of water is your solvent, which is almost always, it makes no 
difference. In the case of other solvents, my understanding has been 
that the percentage refers to the mass of a volume of pure solvent. In 
this case one liter of mercury would be somewhere around 13,570 grams. 
In which case a 6% w/v solution would be 814g of solute with whatever 
solvent was required to bring the volume of the entire solution to one 

Jerry Baker
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