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Re: [APD] Cream of Tartar

I believe S. Hieber wrote this email section below:
> It's used in baking to acidify -- for example to react with sodium 
> bicarb to leaven biscuits -- no reason it won't work in an aquarium. 
> It's very milky in water until it is fully dissolved and absorbed.

Thanks. :-)

> A rarely known use is to sprinkle some on an auto windshield in rain. 
> It's about the same effect as spraying with vinegar - helps clean off 
> the glass and prevent the wipers from leaving that whitish trail that 
> they sometimes do -- from the Old Trucker's Handbook of Getting By on 
> Two Hours Sleep.

Excellent tip also! :-))

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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