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Re: [APD] Question buffers

I believe Holly Wagner wrote this email section below:
> I want thank all of you who helped me today regarding buffers.  I had a
> big DUH moment.  Of course it would add postassium to the tank and most
> likely encourage algae.  I tested my hardness today and found something
> that one list member described.  My carbonate hardness is near zero
> according to my test kit and general hardness is 180, which is as high as
> my test goes.  Is this possible? 

If your KH is near zero then you'll have major health problem after a few 
days as the pH value shifts quickly towards the acidic at night.

My fish was showing very bad signs of ph shift disease as I had a KH of less 
than 3dh. I added sodium bicarbonate to raise the KH and my fish lived.

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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