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[APD] 2007 AGA International Aquascaping Contest

Dear Fellow Aquascapers,

With little over a month until the deadline for the 2007 AGA International Aquascaping Contest, it?s time to get those tanks pruned and ready for pictures. Had more entries so far this year than in previous years. So, it is sure to be another great year of outstanding aquascapes with some stiff competition in a number of the categories.

As an added incentive to get those tanks ready and entered into this year?s contest, the AGA will again have a number of awards to give to the best aquascapes of the various categories as well as ribbons for the tanks that place in the contest. With support from various vendors and national clubs, we should be able to provide some nice awards to the winning aquascapes.

So, get those tanks perfected and pictures shot. The September 30th deadline is fast approaching! We look forward to another year of exciting and dynamic aquascapes.

For more information about the contest, please visit the website: http://www.aquatic-gardeners.org/. If your club or company would like to donate to the awards for this year?s contest, please contact the AGA at bailin_shaw at hotmail_com.

Bailin Shaw
Aquascaping Contest Chair

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