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Re: [APD] Fish breathing heavily after water change

Erin Poythress wrote:
> This was never a problem until we began siphoning and filling using a Python. Yesterday we siphoned out about 30% or so, which is about normal weekly. We fill it up super slow because the pipe from which our faucet gets cold water is close to ground level and it stays lukewarm when it's 100F outside, like it was yesterday.

What I do is put one of those miniature LCD thermometers right on the 
tap and adjust the tap water to the tank temperature, then let it go 
full bore.

I can only speculate about the respiratory distress, but if your water 
is acidic it is possible that the baking soda is reacting to release CO2 
so that the concentration is higher than you think. Check the condition 
of your tap water and see what the actual observed conditions are; pH, 
hardness/conductivity, etc.

"Drilling wells is boring."

Jerry Baker
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