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Re: [APD] Calcium carbonate

>From personal experience I would like to share that using powdered calcium  
carbonate can, if used improperly, cause death to fish and critters.  
When first moving to the Boston area and finding tap water with a Ph of 9.0  
( yes the chemist at the water company shared with me that they used large  
amounts of Sodium Carbonate) and Gh and Kh that was <1, i tried several ways  of 
adding Ca to the water. The Ph was never really a problem as Jerry Baker  
mentioned but the lack of almost everything the water was a challenge.
I found that using pieces of cuttlebone in my canister filters worked best.  
It provided a slow but steady supply of Ca and was never too much. It also 
lasts  long enough to still be there when filter maintenance is done; throw out 
the old  put in a new piece.. In beween i just forget about it.
 Since starting to use it my plants have done much better and my  snails and 
cherry shrimp have thrived. 
rich green
milton ma

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