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Re: [APD] Question buffers

Holly Wagner wrote:
> Hi,  I have recently set up a 55 gal. tank and the plants arrive in the coming week.  I was considering using a buffer that would keep my tank at either 6.5 or 7.0, depending on what type of fish I decide to add later.  Big Al's online notes beside some brands "not for planted tank."  Does anyone know why?  I'm just curious.

Because they use phosphates as the buffering agent. Unless you want an 
algae farm, they shouldn't be used. I think it's important to add here 
that pH doesn't matter and people get tripped up paying too much 
attention to pH. The amount of dissolved solids in your water is much 
more important, but doesn't provide very many marketing opportunities. 
Just avoid rapid, large changes to the hardness of your tank's water and 
the fish and plants will be fine.

Jerry Baker
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