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Re: [APD] chemical query

Ade Lau wrote:
> Stuart,
>     Carbonate and bicarbonate are different buffer (acid base chemistry).  Carbonate is more basic than bicarbonate.  If carbonate are to use as buffer, the pH of the water will stay high.  I think at least 2 to 3 points.

That totally depends on how much is being used. In terms of its effect 
on pH, you could say a carbonate is twice as strong as a bicarbonate. 
However, since the pH scale is logarithmic, doubling the number of H+ 
ions consumed will only result in about a 0.3 pH unit difference in 
effect. So, if adding 5g potassium bicarbonate resulted in a pH of 7.3, 
adding 5g of potassium carbonate would result in a pH of 7.6. If that's 
a big deal you could always add the potassium carbonate to a bottle of 
soda water first.

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Jerry Baker
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