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Re: [APD] Diatom filter oil

You should probalby ask Innerspace/Vortex although they might merely recommend their own packaged oil.

I believe an 5 or 10 wt nondetergent oil will work fine, which is the same as you might mifind for oiling other electric motors such as ceiling fans, sewing machines, furnace blowers, etc.

Even the petroleum distallate known commonly as mineral oil ( or, when imbued with fragrance, Baby Oil) should prove satisfactory, in pinch until you can find some oil specifically intended for electric motor bearings. Mineral oil is more often used on pneumatic tools becasue it "mists" easily.

So-called penetrating oils are not advisable because they contain aromatics to thin the oil to allow penetration, and then evaporate. That's okay for door locks but not good for bearings. WD-40, for the same reason is not advisable; it evaporates leaving little lubricant behind.

The main thing is to not over oil (which can damage the motor) or let the bearings run dry (which will damage the bearings). 

Hope that is some help.
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What type / grade of oil should I use on my Vortex D1 Diatom filter?
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