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[APD] PC light Ballast

Hey all, I think the ballast on my Custom SeaLife Power Compact light
fixture died this week. I thought maybe the bulbs went bad so I bought 2 new
ones and tried that first of course but it did not work.  I swapped the
ballast with the one from the other side and the new bulbs kicked on(tried
the old bulbs and they still work, now I have spares) anyways I went online
to try and get a new ballast from the manufacturer but the website
http://www.customsealife.com says they went out of business.
   I need help does anyone know where I can find a replacement ballast. The
specs are CSL Part#29600 120V 1.45A 174 Watts 2 Lamps (2-96Watts)
it has a Rectangular plug on one end with 3 pins inside set diagonally with
a small square hole on one side underneath a pin.

Thanks for all you help

Matt W.

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