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Re: [APD] CO2 takes awhile to make drop checker green

On 8/15/2007 4:54 PM JimJen said the following:
> Thank you for all the replies.
> I am fairly new to CO2 injection and its been a steep learning curve, I have
> lots of questions to ask so that I fully understand it more. I hope it's ok
> to ask away on here.
> The drop checker is fairly close to the reactor.
> The reactor is driven by the bleed off from a Eheim 2217.
> My tapwater is dKH 4 
> I am running 2 x 2217's, one with spray bar and the other with the hockey
> stick return and there is a fair bit of surface agitation to try and break
> up some surface scum.
> The tank is an open top design.
You say it is by bleed off.  Do you mean only part of the return goes 
through the reactor?

Mike Szilard

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