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[APD] pogo??? helfiri

Hello Folks:
  I need some help.  Again, I bought helfiri and recieved lovely crisp healthy specimens.  I planted them in my peat and flourite substrates in one of my more lush tanks.  They began to disappear and I removed the only suspected vegetarian from the tank; the rest of the fish are dwarf S American cichlids.  The helfiri continued to disappear.  I observed the plant was melting similarly to cryps.  So before I try to order again (it was pricey), I need to know more from others about what this plants' requirements are and what others have experienced.  It is really a lovely plant and wan't it in my tank!  I add CO2 to water, use CF lights at 2.4 watts/gal in a 40 gal breeder tank, temp is 78-80 and pH is around 6.8.  Help!

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