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[APD] Multiple DIY CO2 generators

Despite the fact somwhere in 1988 upon reading the Dupla book and mentioning 
on usenet "say, couldn't you do this with fermentation" I've never actually
tried any Co2. But, 4 weeks ago the Nutrafin things were on sale half price
near here so I bought a couple. Specifically 1 kit and 2 bubble ladders.

Pro: huh, it daes make a difference. Con: inconsistant co2 output. 2 weeks
ago it was bubbling up a storm, this weekend, not so mich, time to change the

But it got me to thinking, rather than change the goop every three weeks
maybe it would make more sense to rig up 3 large glass jars, gang them
together, but stagger them so say, every saturday you dunmp one olf one
and refresh it. This way I'd think you'd have a more consistant output
of co2 and more of it.

Anybody ever tried this?


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