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[APD] Planted Tank Debri

I have a 29 G. planted tank with 2 dwarf sunset platys and about 9 Cherry
Red Shrimp of various sizes. The tank has to decent sized pieces of drift
wood and is planted from front to back with various things.

The trouble I am having is with severe build-up of debri in my substrate.
The substrate is Eco-Complete that has been set-up for about a year. I
vacuum the gravel every couple of weeks and do 1/3 water changes. I've
experimented with moving the drift wood around to see if it causing a dead
zone as well as moving filter intake/outputs. 

With as few residents as I have in this tank I can't believe that it gets so
dirty. Any suggestions on what I can do to limit the debri, or any
additional critters I can add to either disturb or eat would be greatly


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