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Re: [APD] Fluorescent light fixture

A cracked socket shouldn't cause bulbs to burn out unless it is cracked so badly that the electrical contacts make a poor connection and the ballst keeps "trying" to send a start-up voltage. Of course, with bad electrical contact, arcing could occur and cause the bulb pins to erode but that is something one is likely to hear and see as the bulb flicker endlessly.

One should never use electrical equipment of any kind that has caracked or damaged parts. So it's a good idea to ocassionally inspect electrical equipment for any breaks, cracks,or other damage, whether it's a power drill, a blender, or a fluorescent lamp.

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It could also be the socket. I have one right now that I finally figured out
was cracked. The socket is the part the ends of the tube fit into in the
fixture. Check for cracks with the light unplugged as you can get a nasty
shock otherwise. Wiggling the tube in the socket may help expose cracking.


I have a fluorescent light fixture that burned out 3 lamps in a row
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