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[APD] New plants in America!

Hello all,

I havn't posted here in ages. Nice to see the forum is still hanging on. For 
the benefit of all those who are still not visiting aquaticplantcentral.com 
I thought I would announce here some important new developments for the 
hobby here in America!

For the past year I have been working very closely with Florida Aquatic 
Nurseries, the largest commercial producer of aquatic plants in the USA, 
America's version of Tropica.  As a result, they are now in the process of 
adding several new plants to their production line as well as importing 
select plants.

A couple months ago they released from mass production potted
HEMIANTHUS CALLITRICHOIDES, and a couple weeks ago HC grown on driftwood. I 
sold 500 pots of HC in six weeks. They are also now mass producing Ludwigia 
cuba, Monoselinium tenerum, (Pellia), and Hygrophila balsimica.

In coming weeks mass production of Pogostemon helferi, Ludwigia inclinata 
and Cyperus helferi will be available to the market.  They have already 
replaced all their stock of standard Lobelia cardinalis with the 'small 
form'. Their standard Java fern is now narrow leaf java fern, ( not the 
needle leaf, but the 2" wide, long leaf)

They will be importing all the OA Anubias cultivars, (nana petite, nana 
eyes, marble leaf, golden, narrow leaf, stardust), Limnophila hippuroides, 
Pogostemon stellata, Limnophila aromatica, L. ovalis, Cabomba furcata, 
various Echinodorus hybrid/cultivars, (not the obscure German ones), and 
several others, mostly on my behalf.

Although I would like to think I am their primary distributor of these 
plants, I do not have any exclusive arrangement. The overall success of 
these plants will depend primarily on their stores/retailers willingness to 
take a chance with these new plants and the stores success in selling them, 
which comes down to you folks in America. Soon you may find HC in Petsmart 
or Petco, or Ludwigia cuba! Wouldn't that seem strange! Florida Aquatic does 
not sell direct to any hobbyist, and rarely direct to any retailer, but 90% 
of retailers who sell plants are selling Florida Aquatic  plants, whether 
they realize it or not.

It's up to people like Scott Hieber and Rhonda Wilson who write magazine 
columns to promote these plants being available in this country for the 
first time on a mass scale! I have already written about in my column in 
FAMA. Get the word out!

I came to the conclusion over a year ago that if this hobby was ever really 
going to grow  in this country, and if I was going to stay in business, then 
these plants would have to be easily accessible in this country instead of 
from XYZ in Singapore or Malaysia. Now you can go to any aquarium store and 
buy HC. Next time you are tempted to order plants or bid on Aquabid from 
XYZ, go to your LFS and ask them to get it for you... tell them to give me a 
call. I will hook them up! <wink>

I'll be in Brooklyn New York in September. Come throw tomatoes at me if you 

Happy gardening

Robert Paul Hudson
The original Planted Tank column:
Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Magazine

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