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[APD] Utricularia bladderwort removal

I had a 75-gallon tank that did great for years.  While in grad school
some Utricularia hitchhiked in on a plant and it exploded and filled
the tank covering everything.

The tank has fairly intense t-5 lighting, co2 injection, substrate
heating etc. I just could not keep up with it.

Time passed and i gave up and let it sit for about 4 months and just
recently tried to salvage it.  I scooped out all the gravel, hosed off
the surviving plants, mostly some crypts, some anubis, various ferns
and what not and installed them in backyard tanks.

I've had great luck with backyard tanks and growing out plants in the summer.

Anyhow. I try and stir up the plants and keep getting more bladderwort
to float up and diligently net it off a couple times a day.

It seems like this stuff is everyplace and I am afraid that if I leave
some smidge of it someplace it's going to explode again.

Is there something that eats this or a rinse that will kill it but
leave the plants mostly unharmed?  I'd rather not discard all the

I looked in the archives but didn't really find anything useful.



Adam Novitt

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