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[APD] Do we stunt Crypts by keeping them in pots?

One thing you notice in playing with a lot of crypt pictures is the number
of plants in clay pots. Or other smallish containers. Are we stunting our
plants by doing this?

I used to play with bonsai wherein you dwarf trees by keeping the roots
trimmed and in too small of a pot. Normally what's above the soil is about
as big as what's below the soil, that is, the plant is symetrical about the
soil line.

I'm as guilty as anybody about putting plants in pots, especially crypts,
but looking back over the years when I think of my best successes they've
been plants that were free ranging in the substrate. In particular I
remember one lace plant that utterly took over a 40 gal tank. When I tore
that tank down after a few years I found the roots completely covered the
bottom of the tank and I suspect it would have been happiest if it had a
cubit meter of substrate. My best luck with crypts ever is the "undulata
(?)" thing that completely took over a 30 gallon tank.

Now, if we believe a plant will have a symetry of roots and leaves are we
stunting our crypts by putting them in smallish pots? That is how big can we
really expect roots to grow in a small pot all curled up. If these were
bonsai you'd say "ah yes, this is perfect to keep the stem and leav size small".

Food for thought...

P.S. Jan updated the Crypts pages today.


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