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Re: [APD] cold hardy plant

At 10:50 PM 6/16/07 EDT, you wrote:
>I can attest to the cold hardiness of two plants that survived our  
>Pennsylvania winter in an outdoor tub(frozen solid in the ice), - Riccia
fluitans and 
>Java moss (or whatever it is supposed to be called now).  Both  are growing 
>quite happily in that tub.
>Carol   < ' )))><

Oh yeah, I forgot to add the floaters that survived - all of them. Riccia,
water luttuce (nice in aquariums it's stays under an inch) and some salvania
a green top and purple underside. I've actually found riccia in the river
out back
of my place. Turns out it grows everywhere except the north and soutn poles.


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