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Re: [APD] Moving Substrate

> I believe the problem is that the moving company won't touch anything
> wet or liquid.

This was exactly the issue, and since I was trying to minimize the  
amount of time the fish are in the moving buckets, I did not have an  
extra day to try to dry the substrate.  As it was, however, I got  
lucky and the driver took my nice sturdy buckets without qualm.  I  
still will need some, because I didn't have enough buckets for all of  
it, but not as much as I would have if the driver was resistant.

So....places to get the stuff?

I'd prefer to stick with fluorite, since that will match what I've  
already got.  Here in St. Louis, I can get it at several independent  
fish shops and at Petsmart, but the nearest Petsmart to my new  
location in LA will be a 30 minute or more drive away, and I don't  
know if they carry it in their California stores, plus I'd prefer to  
support the independent shops if anyone can recommend a good one.

Diane in St. Louis


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