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[APD] 2007 AGA International Aquascaping Contest

Fellow Aquascapers,
It is with great pleasure that the Aquatic Gardeners Association announces the opening of the 8th annual AGA International Aquascaping Contest on June 15th, 2007.  As in the past, the contest will showcase some of the most striking and unique aquascapes the world over and often introduces the newest styles and designs emerging in the hobby today.  We at the AGA hope to have another record turnout for the 2007 aquascaping contest and look forward and look forward to seeing the aquascapes as they are entered into the contest.  Winners of the contest will be announced in November, 2007.  Details can be found at:  http://www.aquatic-gardeners.org/
Finally, as in the past, this contest is only successful due to the efforts of the contest chairperson and his crew of volunteers.  For this year’s contest to be equally successful and meet the standards set in previous years, the AGA again needs volunteers to help with a wide variety of duties required to make the contest run smoothly.  We are in need of some individuals to take the lead of four basic committees:  Ribbons, Advertising, Graphic Design, Sponsorship, and finally Judges.  Except for procuring judges, the duties will take little time and effort, but your efforts will be an important part in making this contest a success.  So, come join in the fun!
We look forward to seeing the many wonderful aquascapes in the coming months and are sure we will be as surprised with some of the aquascapes as we have been in the past.
Sincere Regards,
Bailin Shaw
Aquascaping Contest Chair
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