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[APD] Too much K make looki like calcium deficiency

First of all let me say hi asthis is my very first post on this site after being a member for close to a year.
  Ok i am seeing what looks to be a Calcium deficiency. 

I got this off chuck site. This is what is happening to the new leaves on my stem plants.

Distorted leaf growth
cupped leaves
twisted and bent leaves

But here are my readings-

Nitrate 10ppm
Nitrie 0
Kh 6d
GH 9d
PO4 2ppm
Co2 30ppm
2ml excel 3x week

I think i rember reading some where the to muck K and block Calcium in take.
So i have as of yesterday stopped adding the 1/32 tsp to my 10 gallon 5 wpg tank.

So my question is, is this the right step to take or am i missing something?

I dose 1/32 tsp 2x week which keeps @ 10ppm all the time. I have no need to PO4 as i have it in my water.
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