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Re: [APD] Microscopes

At 09:00 6/2/2007, you wrote:
>Carl Zeiss is an excellent quality microscope, some might say the best, but
>be prepared to spend a lot of money. A stereo microscope model 2000 with
>photographic/video port is $3577.00 list in the Fisher Scientific catalog.
>This is a basic without illuminators and accessory eyepieces. Get the
>accessories and your talking another couple thousand.

I got a very nice Leitz (one of the better makes) with four 
objectives (one oil immersion) in top shape, no fancy dark field or 
phase contrast tho, for about $600 from a guy who closes down JC labs 
and sells off the gear.   I believe he was in Arizona.   Worth surfing for...

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