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[APD] Mosses for DNA Fingerprinting

Hi, everyone,

Stuart Halliday wonders if the customs won't just impound and destroy 
the mosses.  I don't know about yours but here in Singapore, the 
customs are not fussy about what's coming in.  Even if they discover 
there are mosses in the envelopes, they won't destroy them.  This is 
because we are not an agricultural nation.  Unlike countries like 
Australia where the economy is dependant on the ecology, Singapore 
does not care if some alien mosses get into our environment.  We are, 
after all, some sort of a hub for ornamental fish and aquatic 
plants.  It's a million dollar industry. Every day, thousands of bags 
of fishes and plants criss-cross the highways of our nation and no 
one ever bats an eyelid.

Daniel Brown is concerned that there might be a delay before he can 
send his mosses.  There's no rush.  Chishio has a year or so to 
complete the project.  But we would prefer to get the mosses as early 
as possible, of course.

Tony Heflin wants to know how to send moss from one country to 
another.  He wants me to explain it to him like he's an idiot :-)  I 
don't think Tony is one but here's a dummy-guide:


Darren Bastin wants the know the address to send the mosses to.  I 
can just put it down here but please, I like you all to take a look 
at this link:


By the way, if you want to find out more about the common name "Java 
Moss", please click here:


Loh K L

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