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[APD] Java Vs Singapore Moss & DNA Fingerprinting of Mosses

Hi, folks,

The article as mentioned by Scott is archived in killies.com.  Here's the link:


I'm in correspondence with Christel Kasselmann and there's a fairly 
good chance the common name for Vesicularia dubyana may revert back 
to Java Moss.  As for Taxiphyllum barbieri, Ms Kasselmann informed me 
that she found a record of a common name for it, dating back to an 
article in 1969.  If this is proven, it could possibly mean that the 
name "Singapore Moss" will become redundant.  But then again, we can 
use it as another common name for V. dubyana.  In other words, Java 
Moss could probably end up to be the same as Singapore Moss.  But 
nothing's confirmed yet.  We have to leave it to the experts to sort 
out the mess.

It's all very confusing.  The problem is one of 
misidentification.  What we thought to be Java Moss was actually 
something else all along. The experts, people like Ms Kasselmann and 
Professor Benito weren't the ones at fault.  There was never any 
confusion over the scientific names.  They knew which was which.  If 
there's anyone to be blamed, it was us.  The hobbyists were the ones 
who got it all wrong in the first place.  I may have to shoulder a 
large portion of the blame as I was the person who brought what I 
thought to be Java Moss to the professor.  But then again, you can't 
blame me.  Every hobbyist I know would have made the same 
mistake.  Heck, even Oriental aquatic plant farm, which I've visited 
several times, got it wrong too.

In any case, the mix-up between the names is not the thing on my mind 
right now.  I'm appealing to you all for help.  Chishio needs 10 
samples each of the various aquarium mosses.  So far, I received only 
one response.  I can understand that people come and go.  [Redacted]

Loh K L 

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