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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 45, Issue 47

As reported in _The Aquatic Gardener_, Volume 18, Issue 3, July-Sept 2005, in the aritcle, "The Truth Behind the Confusion," by B.C. Tan and Loh Kwek Leong:

"Java Moss's true identity  has been identified  as _Taxiphyllum barbeiri_ (Card. and Coppey) Iwats, by Prof. Z. Iwatsuki (1982) and discussed further in another publication (Takaki et al., 1982). Despite these two clarifications made in 1982, the scientific name has continued to be quoted erroneously as "Vesicularia dubyana. . ."


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I thought Java moss was V. dubyana.  Then what is Taxiphyllum  barbieri?
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