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Re: [APD] Please help "The Moss Guy"

In all lists, the email will be rejected if the senders email return ID is not
subscribed. Most of us have multiple ID and which ever ID you want to
post in has to be registered with the list.

KL, please check if your return ID matches with subscribed ID.


At 28-05-07, you wrote:
>KL, who has done A LOT for the hobby and this list in particular, needs 
>help, both from the list admin and from hobbyists. See his e-mail to me 
>> Dear Cheryl,
>> I sent a post to the APD but this is what I got in return:
>> You are not allowed to post to this mailing list, and your message has
>> been automatically rejected.  If you think that your messages are
>> being rejected in error, contact the mailing list owner at
>> aquatic-plants-owner at actwin_com.

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