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Re: [APD] Pogostemon helferi

On 5/27/07, RMGTBTS at aol_com <RMGTBTS at aol_com> wrote:
> In this tank it is doing well. The only substantial difference between the
> tanks it failed in and the tank it survived in was the substrate.
> WPG ferts CO2 fish load maintenance were all relatively the same.

My substrates are Eco Complete,  a fine sand/garnite grit/aragonite mix and
coarse sand.  I really can't tell a difference.  All the tanks are at 75F so
I don't know if temperature makes a difference.  I have noticed that in my
tanks, eriocaulons tend to grow better at 75 than at 78, and mosses grow so
much better in my room temperature tank (runs 70 - 74F) that I doubt that
could be coincidence..  I have noticed that blyxa japonica grows much better
for me in soft water than it ever did in hard water and does best in the 3
gal that I has ADA aquasoil in it.  I can't find any difference in growth
with anything else in the ADA substrate.  My observations may simply be

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