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Re: [APD] Egeria najas sensitive to bleach dips?

while I was reading other threads just now I thought I should mention that I
have a marble horned pleco in there.
Could he have been munching on these plants?
On 5/26/07, Joel Fizette <sentientpuppet at gmail_com> wrote:
> New question for all ya'll
> I just bought a few new plants 2-3 days ago and bleach dipped them before
> putting them in my tank...
> Today I went to look at my tank and the new bunch which I am assuming is Egeria
> najas (could be densa, I understand they are often confused its hard to tell
> at this point.) melted over night. all that is left is their stems and a
> little bit of scraggly leaf here and there.
> My only other Idea is that in the last few days I've been meaning to
> recharge my Co2 bottles (doing that now).
> any other ideas? I've heard that some plants are sensitive to the bleach
> dip but I never ran into the problem.
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