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Re: [APD] AHSupply

The Fulham site has diagrams. Here's the one for a 55w, with 4-in-a-row pins:


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What model is the ballast you have? Iirc, it should be the same Fulham Workhorse Model 3 (rated for a max of about 60 or 64 watts) for either the 36, 40, or 55 watt bulbs with four pins all in a straight row. For a 55w bulb you would connect the two red wires together and then connect them to two pins on one side and connect the yellow wiere to the other two pins. connect the red wires together ahead of the the pins and not at the pins.
 For a 36 or 40 you would use only one red wire; it doesn't matter which one -- yes, a 36 is slightly overdriven in this configuration.
In all cases, you need to connect a jumper across the two right side pins and another across the two left side pins.  You won't need to use jumpers if you have the newer "water resistant" sockets and cords - they come with the jumpers built in.
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