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Re: [APD] Plant quarantine? and intro...

At 06:29 AM 5/19/07 -0700, you wrote:
>I clean it out as best I can, reduce the lighting, and do everything else
as I normally do -- CO2, nutrients and sometimes a great notion to change
the water.
>The active chemicals in Excel have an antibiotic effect and a slightly
adverse effect on some algae. I'm not saying that adding higher than
recommended doses of Excel is like flying over the cuckoo's nest but, except
in slight cases, the amount of Excel needed to real beat back algae is more
than I care to put in the water. 

Boy that's sure not what I've seen. Excel is safe on shrimp and snails
(which are more sensitive
than fish and plants) at at least 4X the recommended initial dose. But I've
found in a tank
that is not using it, when added, kills staghorn algae very quickly. That's
the black branching
stuff, you're talking about the green spirogyra type of stuff I take it? I
find water changed
gets rid of that.


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