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Re: [APD] trimming crypt roots

Richard  Sexton writes
"Cause they won't stay healthy when they're transplanted. Cutting  big
roots forces the growth of lots of new roots."
Is it possible that this occurs mainly when dealing with crypts shipped  in 
and grown emerged?
I had a 135 gallon that i broke down before moving from Houston to  Boston. I 
was going to try to save the substrate and after removing the plants  and 
really sturing up over and over and draining and draining, i finally  refilled 
the tank and let it set with just the filter running before emptying.  It sat, 
no lights but what filtered in from a window and no fert co2 fish etc.  from 
Oct until February. In January i had crypt. green wendetii popping up in a  half 
dozen places.  
They came up, i suppose,  from the bits of broken roots from the  removed 
plants  Now that's a lot more damage than pulling up a plant and  replanting it 
in another area or tank. 
Could it be that the root rot is caused more when going from emerged to  
submerged growth as i have been told most plants shipped from Asia are  grown? 
rich green 
milton ma

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