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Re: [APD] cutting crypt roots

A little wine and some shmoozing is said to help too.   ;-)

Remove roots, remove leaves, the reason is that its supposed to stimulate new growth. Hard studies are hard to find, even though finds are studied hard. 
Hardly matters a whole lot, whether a particular specimen survives or not probalby doesn't depend on whether you snip away a third or half of root length and leaves. You're probably just playing with the odds a bit. Otherwise, there wouldn't be such controversy over the point.


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>I am really curious on Jerry Smith instructions to cut the roots of  crypts.
>If the roots are healthy why? IMHO the plant is going to immediately go  into 
>root production mode to offset the loss and not put out new leaf growth as  

Cause they won't stay healthy when they're transplanted. Cutting big
roots forces the growth of lots of new roots.
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