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Re: [APD] Plant pots

I think Tropica recommends leaving the wool on the roots. Iirc, it may be juiced with some nutrients and it is esentially sterile before they put the plant in it.

This is not the case with all plants that come in rock wool. It' soften bleack and mucky with some dead roots in it. For those it might be better to comb out as much of the fetid material as possible.


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>I second Stuart about removing the wadding, just be
>careful if you're unpacking crypts or anubias. When I
>got a ginormous potted crypt, I clipped the pot off
>and carefully tweezed the packing off the roots as
>best I could. There were still some little fluffy
>bits, but nothing major. Another reason to axe that
>stuff is you never know what it's absorbed. Plants
>love ammonia, fish not so much.

I tested this. I bought two pots of Tropica crypts, some
small xWIL variant. I tore one apart and planted it in flourite
and the other I just potted it in flourite. Same size pots,
same tank. For the first 6-8 months the potted one was much
bigger. At around a year they were both the same.
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