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Re: [APD] Plant pots

At 11:47 AM 5/16/07 -0700, you wrote:
>I second Stuart about removing the wadding, just be
>careful if you're unpacking crypts or anubias. When I
>got a ginormous potted crypt, I clipped the pot off
>and carefully tweezed the packing off the roots as
>best I could. There were still some little fluffy
>bits, but nothing major. Another reason to axe that
>stuff is you never know what it's absorbed. Plants
>love ammonia, fish not so much.

I tested this. I bought two pots of Tropica crypts, some
small xWIL variant. I tore one apart and planted it in flourite
and the other I just potted it in flourite. Same size pots,
same tank. For the first 6-8 months the potted one was much
bigger. At around a year they were both the same.

Thatrockwool is not gonna stop any crypt runner from
getting though it. You never seen grass growing *through*
asphalt? To quote Gurney Hallock in Dune "It's the slow
blade that pierces the shield".


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