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Re: [APD] cutting crypt roots

Hmm, the consensus seems to be, cut something, more or less, or maybe not. You've got to admit, it's an intersting hobby, any way you cut it.

Have a obby, get roots,

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I read in one of my books that the roots will mostly die anyway after 
planting, so they should be pruned off. I don't have any of my books handy 
as I have lent them all out to a friend that I am helping start a plant 
containing aquarium. If I did I would give you the reference.

I did just go to Jan D. Bastmeijer's web site on Cryptocoryne's and found 
this quote:

"Potting your Crypts
All the roots of your dug out Crypts will die and will cause problems in 
your pots. Shorten the roots to about a few cm, just to give the plant an 
anchor. Remove the older leaves to just two or three."

The page link is: 

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