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Re: [APD] cutting crypt roots

Stuart Halliday wrote:
> I believe RMGTBTS at aol_com wrote this email section below:
>> I am really curious on Jerry Smith instructions to cut the roots of  crypts.
>> If the roots are healthy why? IMHO the plant is going to immediately go  into
>> root production mode to offset the loss and not put out new leaf growth as
>> quickly.
>> I have been getting crypts from lowcaster shipped from the far East for 3
>> years and i have never cut the roots.
>> Rinse clean yes trim any rotted or unhealthy looking yes but not white firm
>> roots. The ones that have not done well hae been the ones with the smallest
>> root  growth and seemed to be harvested off of a rhizome.
>> any crypt farmers want educate me i have my pith helmet on, fire away
> I was wondering why we're often told this.
> The only reason I can think off is that the new roots will anchor themselves
> into the substrate.

I bought an A. madagascariensis with lots of leaves and roots !
I left all the nice long roots and now all the leaves have died and
the roots have rotten...

Now, one speaks of cutting roots !

Philippe, puzzled

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