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Re: [APD] Plant quarantine? and intro...

Hi Don,
This kinda reminds me of my years as a child, when "cooties" were  
something we all feared, knowing they were on every strange person we  
ever saw - especially girls!  Aquatic plants growing in someone's  
aquarium or plant farm are no more likely to be afflicted with things  
that might "crawl out" than are those in our own aquariums.  It is  
true that if plants come from a tank having snails in it, there will  
be snails or snail eggs on the plants, and if there are algae spores  
in that tank (almost a certainty), there will be spores on the  
plants.  So, I never do anything with plants I buy or trade for  
except look them over and toss them into my tank.  And, that hasn't  
caused me any problems.


On May 16, 2007, at 3:33 PM, Don Byrer wrote:

> Hi...been lurking for awhile...don't think i've posted yet...
> I better introduce myself, eh?  OK here's the full poop:
> I have a 30g low/wide breeder tank with 6 4-6" goldfish and a 6"  
> pleco... 10g with 6 1.5" platys... 2g with 6 corys (bought today  
> for $3 total!...under quarantine for a week or two)...+ a 1.5 g  
> growing many ramshorn snails.
> GF 30g has 4  Anubias (2 nana, 2 ?), and 3 nice lace java  
> ferns...lighting is 2 36" 30w tubes, slightly overdriven by an  
> electronic 48" shoplight ballast.   10 g has a few 1-2" remnants of  
> jungle val that got trashed by pond snails ( all gone now)  and  
> then by fish meds.   doing fine now, but small!   1 15W tube for  
> lighting...(yes I know it may need more )
> I have various plants (crypts, wisteria, swords, java moss, etc)  
> enroute from mikeswetpets (ebay).   I understand some recommend a  
> soak in diluted bleach to kill any nasties before introducing into  
> tanks.  I have used that successfully before to mitigate algae on  
> plants.    I have plenty of 4g tall buckets...was thinking of  
> tossing an airstone in one and leaving the plants for a week to see  
> if anything "crawls out".
> Suggestions, Comments????
> --Don in Cleveland OH
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