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[APD] Plant quarantine? and intro...

Hi...been lurking for awhile...don't think i've posted yet...
I better introduce myself, eh?  OK here's the full poop:
I have a 30g low/wide breeder tank with 6 4-6" goldfish and a 6" pleco... 10g with 6 1.5" platys... 2g with 6 corys (bought today for $3 total!...under quarantine for a week or two)...+ a 1.5 g growing many ramshorn snails.
GF 30g has 4  Anubias (2 nana, 2 ?), and 3 nice lace java ferns...lighting is 2 36" 30w tubes, slightly overdriven by an electronic 48" shoplight ballast.   10 g has a few 1-2" remnants of jungle val that got trashed by pond snails ( all gone now)  and then by fish meds.   doing fine now, but small!   1 15W tube for lighting...(yes I know it may need more )
I have various plants (crypts, wisteria, swords, java moss, etc) enroute from mikeswetpets (ebay).   I understand some recommend a soak in diluted bleach to kill any nasties before introducing into tanks.  I have used that successfully before to mitigate algae on plants.    I have plenty of 4g tall buckets...was thinking of tossing an airstone in one and leaving the plants for a week to see if anything "crawls out".   
Suggestions, Comments????
--Don in Cleveland OH  
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