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Re: [APD] OT: MP3

Guess I didn't entirely understand the whole allofmp3 thing...
I knew that it was "legal" ..  just didn't understand that the artists 
were still getting their cut (at least what their publishers allow them 
to get).  Which is the whole point.. anyway.
At any rate.. I don't really have any interest in music sold by large 
companies.  Not intentional, just the way it works.. so more often than 
not, the music I buy generally comes on a CD bought from the artist's 
web site.  The rest from college and internet radio.  The latter being a 
whole 'nother OT semi-political discussion.  ;]


Stuart Halliday wrote:
> I believe Derek Parr wrote this email section below:
>> hardly sounds legit to me...  in which case why bother spending 
>> anything?   those who own the beatles music are far too greedy to charge 
>> so little.
> It's perfectly legal.
> Note:
> a) Russia didn't sign the same copyright act as America or Europe.
> b) They give 15% of sales to a government body who gives this to the
>     artists.
> c) It's cheap because Russia economics are different to other countries.
>     (We don't stop Microsoft selling MSOffice for $3 in India do we?)
> Course Hollywood would rather not have this site in existence. But that's
> a different kettle.

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