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Re: [APD] Aquarium Ebook website

I believe Jerry Baker wrote this email section below:
> Liz Wilhite wrote:
>> Good book.  Bad way to do business.
> DRM is a failed business model in music, movies, and e-books. It begins 
> from a fundamentally flawed assumption ... that your customers are 
> criminals. Second, it attempts to solve an insolvable cryptographic 
> problem, which is where the attacker and intended recipient are the same 
> person (kinda like trying invent a way to hide the cookies from 
> yourself). It looks like it will soon be a non-existent model in the 
> music industry, 

Apple is showing the way forward with online selling by getting rid of DRM.

But then I've been buying my online mp3 songs for 10 cents a track for 
years... Those of us in the know laugh at these $1+ a track sites.

 > and hopefully the AACS key debacle with HD-DVD will
 > launch the end of it in movies as well.

Nah, Hollywood doesn't know how to deal with the real world...

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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