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Re: [APD] Aquarium Ebook website

On 5/13/07, S. Hieber <shieber at yahoo_com> wrote:
> It's unfortunate if you did not understand what you were buying at the
> time of purchase. I don't know what was on the website when Laith purchased,
> but the following is on the website now re the ebook version:
> "Purchase price entitles buyer to one ebook download and one printing
> only. The eBook
> cannot be transferred to another computer. However, it can be transferred
> to some PDA's."
> When one buys a book, a picture, a sound recording, or a software program,
> typically, one is purchasing the copy and certain rights to use it, not
> personal ownership of the intellectual property, which remain with the
> holder of the copyright.

When you buy an ebook done in such a manner you take a big risk.  If
something goes wrong when you try to print the book you are unable to
attempt to make the second printing -- this has been reported for Diana's
book. While the upfront notice about one download to one computer and one
printing is nice, neither the software nor the support behind it take into
account catastrophic failure or the foreseeable need to port the license to
another computer.  I read a thread on APC where a corrupted printing was
reported and the response to that was not exactly customer service oriented.

Good book.  Bad way to do business.

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