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Re: [APD] Aquarium Ebook website

It's unfortunate if you did not understand what you were buying at the time of purchase. I don't know what was on the website when Laith purchased, but the following is on the website now re the ebook version:
"Purchase price entitles buyer to one ebook download and one printing only. The eBook
cannot be transferred to another computer. However, it can be transferred to some PDA's."
When one buys a book, a picture, a sound recording, or a software program, typically, one is purchasing the copy and certain rights to use it, not personal ownership of the intellectual property, which remain with the holder of the copyright.
There are always ways around embedded copyright enforcement -- xerox, streaming the content through a capture device, etc. And then there are libraries, which allow a form of limited distribution without copyright infringement. I've never been a fan of theft.
Given all the postcard albums available in the aquatic hobbies, particularly aquatic gardening, and the paucity of books packed with good information, I think, and have though since I first read it, that Diana's book is not only a refreshing and long needed breath of freshness, but a very reasonably priced one.
I don't think Diana had much support when she decided to write and publish _Ecology of the Planted Aquarium_. I think she pretty much went out on her own, believing in what she was doing, convinced of what she was saying, and hopeful that the community would find the work useful and respond favorably.
I'd like to see more books in hobby with as much useful information.

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Just a word of caution about the ebook version.  You get one download and
one download only.  It will only open on the computer you download it to.
If you buy a new computer, well, tough luck (ask me how I know!) :-).

While the book is quite informative and has some good info in it, I think
that Diana was misled by the publisher about the best way to offer it as an

At the time I bought the ebook, the restrictions were not at all clear on
the book website, otherwise I would never had bought it.  

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