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Re: [APD] Aquarium Ebook website

Well that site is only offering the ebook for $15, not the hardcopy.  You can get for the same price for the ebook from the Diana's book website. Amazon apparently has the lowest price for the hardcopy. I'd suggest you stick with either of those if you are concerned about security and the lowest price from a legit seller.

good luck,

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Thanks Stuart. I was actually looking for a printed book. I was wondering if
anyone had used this site.

>It does quite clearly state that adding a credit card number is not required.
>So what's the problem? :-)

You have to if you want to buy a book. The payment page says "(Secure!)" 
but does not seem to be! I get a warning on my browser..

>A phishing site is one were the displayed url and the actual url are 
>different. This site doesn't do this, so it's not a phishing site.

You are right.

>It may just be incompetent over the paypal link. ;-)
>Seems a lot to pay for PDF files too...
>Why not email the site and ask them about the paypal logo problem?

I did without reply for many days. I did not buy, I registered without
a Credit Card number and then put a book on the cart and went to pay and
found all credit cards and no Paypal. The page said Paypal verified.
That got to me.. I aborted..

>I'm a IT manager.
>There is a scam going about (especially on ebay), selling ebooks where the 
>buyer pays and gets a pdf file full of basic information that anyone could 
>have picked up for free on the Internet.
>Seemingly a person sets up a 'store' and uses the ebook supplier to make 
>themself a nice looking web site and the main store sends the buyer the pdf.
>After doing a WHOIS on the domain name it appears that the owner of 
>eBooksAboutEverything.com is hiding their name and contact details.
>Something a company or trader is not suppose to do...
>But this may just be more incompetence.

I did that too and had the same results. You may be right..

>If worried don't buy. But I would email them and express my concerns.
>If they are genuine and are just incompetent then they will address these 

Lets see if I do hear from them sometime..

I have become a little more suspicious of web sites.. the other day after 2.5
years the local COPS caught a chap who stole my ID while processing HSBC
documents. So far no response from the bank!


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